Revolutionizing Business Success: Real Stories of How Mokhtar Transformed Companies Worldwide

Showcasing 13 Projects

Aeros, by NASA & the US Department of Defense

Worldwide Aeros is a project of NASA that is focused on developing cutting-edge air flight technologies. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the company specializes in manufacturing aircraft that have global-reach transportation systems without restrictions. Worldwide Aeros approached Mokhtar to help them with website development, marketing and PR, localization, and corporate training services.

Creating Language Programs for Berlitz International

Berlitz International, a global leader in language education, approached Mokhtar with the task of developing a comprehensive language program for their San Francisco location. The program would include courses in Arabic and French, over 400 modules with exercises using Adobe Captivate technology, and training for their teachers to effectively use the program.

Boosting REMAX's Sales and Client Acquisition

REMAX is a multinational real estate company that specializes in buying, selling, and renting properties for their clients. Their sales agents were struggling to manage their leads and sales pipeline due to a lack of automation and disorganized data. Additionally, some of their websites were outdated and not optimized for lead generation. REMAX reached out to Mokhtar Group for help with CRM customization, paid marketing campaigns, and multilingual website development.

The First Medical Tourism Platform in the World

Planet Hospital is the world’s first medical tourism company based in Calabasas, California. The company offers affordable medical procedures and treatments to patients worldwide, connecting them with accredited hospitals and clinics in more than 30 countries.

The First Telemedicine Platform in America

Dr to Help is a leading provider of weight loss solutions, dedicated to helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. With the increasing demand for telemedicine solutions in the healthcare industry, Dr to Help decided to create a weight loss telemedicine platform to meet the growing needs of its clients.

How Mokhtar helped Monetary Gold with CRM Customization, Paid Marketing Campaigns, and Website Development

Monetary Gold is a leading gold investment company based in California, USA. They specialize in helping investors protect their wealth by investing in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion coins and bars. However, despite their expertise, the company was struggling to reach their target audience and boost their sales.

Lotus & its Beutiful Mediterranian Villas

Lotus is a property management company in Tunisia, with over 400 properties in Mediterranean islands, was looking to expand its operations and partner with real estate agents in multiple nations. To achieve this goal, Lotus approached Mokhtar, a company specializing in providing technology and sales solutions to businesses worldwide.

Mokhtar Group Helps Mel Bernie Company with Web Development, CRM, and International Marketing

Mel Bernie Company, also known as 1928 Jewelry, is a jewelry manufacturer and retailer based in Los Angeles, CA. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, the company is considered one of the largest and last standing jewelry manufacturers in the United States.

Design & Marketing for Hey Tutor

HeyTutor is an online tutoring platform that connects students with tutors. The company was looking to increase its revenue and expand its reach by developing effective marketing and sales strategies. They also needed to implement a CRM system and update their website to improve user experience and attract new customers.

Luxury Jewelry & Diamonds

Danhov is a luxury diamond and jewelry company based in Los Angeles, CA. The company is known for its unique designs and high-quality products, but they were struggling to reach their target audience and increase sales. To address these challenges, they turned to our team for assistance. Our team developed a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy that included managing paid ads, redesigning their website, creating partnership programs, and recruiting and training sales agents.

Dubai's Leading Art Gallery

Tabari Art Gallery is a leading art gallery located in the UAE that specializes in modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art. The gallery approached Mokhtar Group, a leading marketing and sales agency, to help them with their business expansion in the US market. Mokhtar Group offered a variety of services to Tabari Art Gallery.

Genovie MD: Innovative Beauty Brand

Genovie MD is an innovative health and beauty brand based in Los Angeles, CA, focused on transdermal vitamin patches and CBD skincare products. However, the brand was struggling to increase its online presence and sales despite its unique offerings. Genovie MD approached Mokhtar Group for assistance in boosting its digital presence and growing its customer base.

Accelerating Expansion for "Académie Internationale des Métiers du Design et de la Mode"

The International Academy of Fashion, a renowned institution in the fashion and design education sector in North Africa, sought to expand its reach and establish strategic partnerships in Europe. Additionally, they aimed to enhance their customer relationship management (CRM) system and provide comprehensive training to their faculty and staff. Mokhtar was engaged to address these challenges and drive the academy’s growth and success.