International Sales Agents Recruiting

Now your small business can build an international arm of sales professionals. 100% commission based, 5+ years of B2B sales experience, fully trained in CRM and sales technology.

Let The Force Be With You

Our HR department specializes in recruiting top sales reps, SDRs, and sales closers from over 100 countries. We will set up your system and enable your business to go global in no time.

eLearning for Sales Agents

Let’s automate your sales training by creating your eLearning modules and the company’s own sales training program. eLearning modules can be multilingual to serve global agents. Build them once and use them forever!

We Handle Legal Matters

We can check agents’ backgrounds, create contracts, have them eSign them, send them their 1099 forms, pay them their commissions, and more.. while they bring business to your company.

Our Process

Multilingual sales agent recruiting, training, and management


No, you don’t have to. We do all the interviews.

This is entirely up to you. We can fully manage the sales agents and take care of all legal matters, in which case, we will sign those contracts. Or, we can co-manage them with you, in which case, you will have to sign the independent contractor agreements with them.

No, we take care of all those fees.

No, you don’t have to unless you want to. We provide sales agents with the necessary tools to start selling for you.