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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any additional fees to get started?

No, the fees you see here are sufficient to get you started with your agency within 3-4 days.

Can I choose my agency's name?

Yes, you can pick the name you want. We will help with strategies, domain name registration, DNS and other tech matters if needed. Furthermore, we create your logo and branding for social media and more.

Do I need a license to sell globally?

No, we help with all the necessary paperwork to sell globally.

Do you send me leads or do I prospect by myself?

We send leads to all our Premium and Basic partner agencies. You can also prospect and add your own leads. If you need to learn how to do it, we cover this as part of the certified training we give.

How do I keep track of my leads and sales?

You can easily do this using the CRM system we provide you or your own, whichever you prefer. Additionally, we can train you, your salespeople, and your employees on how to use it.

How do deliver the services to my clients?

Once you close a deal, we act as your team to communicate with the clients. We typically state all time frames and deliverables on our formal agreements.

Your Official Certificate of Completion

Once you complete your training with us, you will earn an official certificate of completion. The certificate will be shared electronically or can be mailed to your address. All certificates are shipped from California, USA. No certificates will be sent from any of our other locations.

    Simple and Transparent Pricing

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    Great if you need leads & more.
    50% off, for a limited time only.
    $ 500
    Premium training & support
    Certification (electronic and hardcopy)
    Premium web presence
    10,000 leads
    Logo & business cards
    Pitch Deck
    HR services
    Private eLearning portal
    Display our clients
    CRM Access
    Slack Access
    eLibrary Access
    On-Demand CMO
    Incorporate (Add-on)
    Up to 10 social accounts
    100 email templates
    20% commission


    Great if you have your own leads.
    50% off, for a limited time only.
    $ 100
    Basic training & support
    Certification (electronic)
    Your own website
    1,000 leads
    10 email templates
    3 social accounts
    5% commission

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