Features and Service Plans

Explore our comprehensive range of service plans, each meticulously designed to cater to different stages of business growth:


Tailored for solopreneurs and very small businesses operating on a limited budget, this plan offers foundational services to kickstart your journey.


Perfect for small startups with existing sales teams in need of improving their performance, this plan enhances your sales intelligence and provides commission-based local sales agents to help expand your market reach or secure new investment.


Designed for well-established businesses or startups aiming for accelerated growth, this plan offers advanced strategies for sales force training and market expansion. It also focuses on helping HR and Sales Directors and Managers build better teams locally or globally.


The ultimate solution for companies lacking a dedicated sales department, this plan offers comprehensive support in deal closures and global market penetration, ensuring significant growth and success.

Choose Your Ideal Service Plan

The tables below carefully detail the broad spectrum of services available to our clients and partners through a 12+ month agreement, beginning at the competitive rate of $1500 per month, plus a commission per sale.

This pricing model offers savings of over 300% compared to the costs associated with hiring full-time employees or engaging with unskilled contractors, all while delivering guaranteed results as per a formal agreement.

Essentially, you gain access to a global sales team, a tech innovation hub, an HR division, a localization unit, and a web design and development powerhouse, among others, all for a fraction of the usual cost. This approach not only maximizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness but also ensures a comprehensive, growth-focused support system for your business.

Streamlining Your Business Operation

Centralizen is a cloud-based ecosystem expertly designed to complement and enhance our suite of business and sales development, alongside eLearning services. Tailored for startups and enterprises alike, Centralizen acts as a catalyst for streamlining operations and enriching client journeys.

This is a unique solution that combines all the necessary components that you need to run your business, in one convenient & efficient dashboard. By integrating customized software solutions, we empower your business with seamless upselling channels, automated billing, efficient project management, and beyond.

Centralizen offers a lifetime license, granting you the freedom to include an unlimited number of contacts, companies, deals, employees, contractors, tasks, projects, portals, dashboards, landing pages, courses, and much more, without any restrictions.

Our dedicated team will deliver comprehensive services including full branding, customization, development, support, and training for an initial period of 6 months, with the option to extend these services further as required. We can establish your fully branded software ecosystem within just 30 days, starting at an accessible price point of $25K. Flexible monthly payment plans are also available to accommodate your financial preferences.