Case Study

Aeros, by NASA & the US Department of Defense.


Worldwide Aeros is a project of NASA that is focused on developing cutting-edge air flight technologies. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the company specializes in manufacturing aircraft that have global-reach transportation systems without restrictions. Worldwide Aeros approached Mokhtar to help them with website development, marketing and PR, localization, and corporate training services.

Web Development

Our team collaborated extensively with Worldwide Aeros to develop a visually captivating and user-friendly website that effectively highlights their innovative air flight technologies. We not only designed the website with a focus on enhancing user experience—ensuring easy navigation and prominent display of the unique features of their aircraft—but also created a customized CMS program tailored specifically for their needs. Additionally, we provided comprehensive training to Worldwide Aeros’ employees, empowering them to manage and update their website efficiently. This holistic approach ensures that the site not only looks great but is also functional and sustainable for the client’s team.

Marketing & PR

Our team also created a comprehensive marketing and PR strategy for Worldwide Aeros to promote their innovative technologies. This included developing targeted advertising campaigns and creating engaging content for their social media channels. We also worked with major aviation industry publications to secure media coverage for the company.


As Worldwide Aeros operates globally, it was essential that their website and marketing materials were localized to reflect the different regions they serve. Our team provided localization services to ensure that their website and marketing materials were tailored to meet the specific needs of their target audiences.

Corporate Training

In addition to website development and marketing, our team also provided corporate training services to Worldwide Aeros. This included training sessions on effective communication, cross-cultural collaboration, and sales techniques to help their sales team build stronger relationships with clients and close more deals.


Our efforts helped Worldwide Aeros significantly increase their online visibility, attract new clients, and establish their brand as a leader in the aviation industry. As a result of our work, Worldwide Aeros has been able to secure major contracts with several governments around the world, further cementing their position as a leading innovator in the industry.


In conclusion, Mokhtar’s work with Worldwide Aeros highlights the importance of website development, marketing and PR, localization, and corporate training services in today’s globalized economy. By partnering with Mokhtar, Worldwide Aeros was able to overcome language and cultural barriers, increase its visibility, and ultimately grow its business in new markets.