Case Study

Design & Marketing for Hey Tutor


HeyTutor is an online tutoring platform that connects students with tutors. The company was looking to increase its revenue and expand its reach by developing effective marketing and sales strategies. They also needed to implement a CRM system and update their website to improve user experience and attract new customers.


Mokhtar worked closely with HeyTutor to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing and sales program. The program included a new website design that was more user-friendly and provided a better experience for visitors. Mokhtar also implemented a CRM system that allowed HeyTutor to track leads and sales more efficiently.

To increase HeyTutor’s brand awareness and attract new customers, Mokhtar developed and executed targeted marketing strategies. This included email campaigns, social media advertising, and influencer partnerships. Mokhtar also provided corporate sales training to HeyTutor’s team to improve their sales techniques and close more deals.


The marketing and sales program developed by Mokhtar resulted in a significant increase in HeyTutor’s revenue and customer base. The new website design and user experience improvements increased the conversion rate of website visitors, leading to more sales. The CRM system implementation helped HeyTutor track leads and sales more efficiently, resulting in better conversion rates and customer retention.

The targeted marketing campaigns developed by Mokhtar increased HeyTutor’s brand awareness and attracted a larger audience to the platform. The influencer partnerships led to increased social media engagement and brought new customers to the platform. The corporate sales training provided by Mokhtar improved the sales skills of HeyTutor’s team, resulting in higher sales numbers and revenue.


Mokhtar’s marketing and sales program provided HeyTutor with the tools and strategies they needed to grow their business and increase their revenue. By implementing a new website design, CRM system, and targeted marketing campaigns, HeyTutor was able to attract more customers and increase their sales numbers. The corporate sales training provided by Mokhtar also improved the sales techniques of HeyTutor’s team, resulting in higher sales and revenue.