Case Study

Creating a Language Program for Berlitz


Berlitz International, a global leader in language education, approached Mokhtar with the task of developing a comprehensive language program for their San Francisco location. The program would include courses in Arabic and French, over 400 modules with exercises using Adobe Captivate technology, and training for their teachers to effectively use the program.

Designing the Program

Mokhtar’s team of experienced instructional designers, developers, and trainers worked closely with Berlitz International to create a customized language program that would meet the needs of their San Francisco location. The program was designed to be engaging, interactive, and easy to navigate, ensuring that learners would be motivated to continue their language studies.


Using Adobe technologies, Mokhtar developed several Arabic and French modules with exercises that allowed learners to practice their language skills in a variety of contexts. The exercises ranged from simple vocabulary quizzes to more complex grammar exercises, giving learners a comprehensive language learning experience.


In addition to developing the language program, Mokhtar provided training to Berlitz’s teachers on how to effectively use the program. The training included best practices for incorporating the program into their curriculum, as well as troubleshooting and technical support.


The language program was a resounding success, with learners reporting significant improvements in their language skills and teachers praising the program’s ease of use and effectiveness. Berlitz International has since expanded the use of the program to other locations, and Mokhtar continues to provide ongoing support and updates to ensure its continued success.


Through close collaboration, Mokhtar and Berlitz International were able to create a customized language program that met the needs of their San Francisco location. By leveraging innovative technology and providing comprehensive training and support, Mokhtar helped Berlitz International achieve its goal of providing high-quality language education to learners in the San Francisco area.