We develop business and increase global sales.

Finding the right partner, investors, or top salespeople who can understand and sell your product worldwide can be challenging. We take these challenges and aim to exceed all expectations.

In numbers we trust

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B2B leads & investors

Some of our brands

What's new?

Featured by Data Mag
Our brand, Malqart, is one of the best startups in 2022.
Featured by Daily Finance
We're one the best California-Based Angel Investment companies in 2021.
NASA's Projects
Marketing services provided to NASA's most innovative aerospace projects.
Featured by Startup Pill
Awarded as one of the best predictive analytics startups.
Bank Of America's Advisor
Mokhtar Group is officially a Bank Of America Advisor.
VistPrint Partnership
We partnered up with VistaPrint to cover US-based clients' printing needs.
LATAM Partners
We partnered up with EducacionIT, Argentina's IT education provider.
Salesforce Partnership
20 years of experience helping companies with their CRM needs.
Google Partnership
Mokhtar is a Google partner. We assist our clients' with all Google products.
Microsoft Partnership
Certified Microsoft marketers and trainers.
HubSpot Partnership
HubSpot Prime partners and certified trainers.
ASI to Promote Science
Mokhtar is proud to launch the first space sciences B2G platform in Africa!

Centralize services,

Save over $78K/year


Prospect, follow-up, and close deals.


Inbound and outbound marketing.


Complete eLearning solutions.


CRM, development, and design.


Recruit and train top performers.


Support your clients in 20+ languages.


Attract US, GCC, and EU investors.


Strategic resellers and sales partners.

About Us

Mokhtar Group Inc. is a California-based corporation operating worldwide. It is the parent company of various brands and divisions in business intelligence, sales development, human resources, eLearning, education, financial services, entertainment, and publishing.

We are record-breaking, tech-driven market leaders in growing brands year-on-year with flair, creativity and innovation.

Some of the industries we work with

Aerospace & Aviation

Working with intelligent clients is fun, but imagine working with NASA, the entity that sends people to space! A pure pleasure for us.
  • Aeros Worldwide (USA)
  • Air France (France)
  • Executive Propellers (USA)
  • And more…

Luxury Real Estate & Hospitality

We have an extensive background in helping luxury real estate, hospitality, and tourism companies attract international customers and expand globally.
  • Virgin Unlimited
  • Lotus
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Sheraton International
  • And more…

Education & eLearning

The education decision journey has gone digital. Prospective learners are using the Internet to find education and training programs. Your organization needs to be ready to meet them there.
  • Berlitz International (USA)
  • Rosetta Stone (USA)
  • Ministry of Education (Kenya)
  • Language Training Center (USA)
  • Monterey Institute of International Studies (USA)
  • CSUN (USA)
  • HeyTutor (USA)
  • Kaman (USA)
  • Educacion IT (Argentina)
  • ITI Istanbul (Turkey)
  • The Language House (Czech Republic)
  • And more…

Software & High-Tech

Drive high performance beyond the software Accelerate and scale your most effective employee and customer experiences. With AI-powered relevance, remove friction and grow smartly.
  • Google (USA)
  • HP Enterprise (USA)
  • Marin Software (USA)
  • Wix (Israel)
  • Bookmax (Austria)
  • Vermeg (Netherlands)
  • Xsolla (Russia)
  • And more…

Commercial Real Estate

We make it easy for property management companies and agents to manage, grow, and connect with their client base with all the marketing and CRM tools they need, synced to the tools they’re already using.
  • Onni (Canada)
  • Empire West (USA)
  • King’s Arch (USA) 
  • And more…

Governments & Nonprofits

Were you running a political campaign? Running a nonprofit? We helped governmental institutions and political parties and built digital campaigns for former presidents.
  • Donald J Trump (USA)
  • Tulsi Gabbard (USA)
  • City of Santa Monica (USA)
  • California Highway Patrol (USA)
  • Volunteers of America (USA)
  • Government organizations (Tunisia)
  • Government organizations (Kenya)
  • L’Alliance Francaise (France)
  • And more…

Help your team build stronger momentum and penetrate new markets.