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We pioneered the world’s first B2B Lead-to-Opportunity systems, and today, our mission is to empower sales teams by connecting them with top-tier C-level leads and government entities, enabling them to secure remarkable deals on a global scale.

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When an experienced sales army meets cutting-edge sales technologies

We are the first B2B Lead-to-Opportunity service in the world. We make it easy for companies and business owners to reach out to highly targeted C-level leads and government entities and close amazing deals anywhere on the planet.

We go the extra mile by generating these leads’ interest in your products and services (or partnership programs). All leads in your CRM will be carefully nurtured until the final sales (or demo) meetings or to discuss strategic alliances.

If they don’t contact us back after a few follow-ups. Unlike traditional sales and business development professionals, we don’t wait passively: we measure their engagement level (EL) scores, and other vital metrics. We send sales action triggers (SAT) to your sales team when the timing is perfect and suggest they call them. This usually quadruples positive outcomes and Connect Rate (CR).

Our system is the fruit of over 30 years of experience selling to companies in over 100 countries and the mastery of over 30 significant sales and marketing intelligence software. We believe that our methods are simply the most efficient.

Think of it as a machine that works 24/7 to find you the ultimate decision-makers, prequalify them, and convert them into hot opportunities. We then assign these leads to your sales closers. This enables sales closers to at least triple the dollar amount in their pipelines and hence triple revenue. If you don’t have sales closers on your team, we can help with that too!

Our sales process >

First, we discuss your customers’ needs and make sure to perfectly understand your target audience and the key benefits of your products or services. This will help create an intense brief for strong campaigns, develop better sales pitches, and train your sales force properly.

We conduct strategic market research and competition analysis in 150 markets. This will help you understand where you stand compared to your direct competitors and beat them.

We do the setup, customization, and management of (or other CRM systems). We’ll leverage technology to align your sales processes, improve internal communications, and increase speed, accuracy, productivity, and revenue.

Our team of sales developers will prospect, pre-qualify, and fill up your sales pipeline with high-quality leads. During this stage, we’ll make sure to upload to your CRM decision-makers, influencers, and potential partners. This will save 40 to 60% of your sales teams’ time and helps them focus on closing the deals. During the L1 Prospection phase, we focus on gathering companies’ names, phone numbers, owners’ data, and accurate and valid emails.

We create your email campaigns from scratch, ensure your introductory email looks good, optimize them to increase both open and response rates, and send them out at the perfect times. All email campaigns will be trackable so we can see how your leads interact with every portion of our sales and marketing copy, whether the email was forwarded or not, etc…

We craft amazing phone pitches in about 20 languages taking into consideration important factors such as cultural differences, market natures, competition, etc.

Having clean data in your system is crucial. We make sure that all the data is validated. L2 qualification is done at this stage. Additionally, we have a zero-bounce guarantee, meaning you’ll receive two more good emails for every bouncing email we see. That way, your data is 100% valid.

We analyze the leads’ behavior and measure how engaged they are with our email communications before making phone calls. We then update your salesforce records based on what we see. Your sales team will access the most valuable insight to optimize their use of time dramatically and improve their performance immediately.

When a lead emails us back, we coordinate with your closers to schedule sales meetings (Phone conferences, remote demos, or in-person meetings). We also provide the historical data that lead to the closer (emails sent, emails received, contacts involved in the deal, titles, etc…

When a lead emails us back, we coordinate with your closers to schedule sales meetings (Phone conferences, remote demos, or in-person meetings). We also provide the historical data that lead to the closer (emails sent, emails received, contacts involved in the deal, titles, etc…

We help your sales team create and distribute outstanding sales presentations in 20 languages.

If you have a website, we can create artificially intelligent sales reps (AISR) and bots to interact with your visitors, send them information, and sell for you 24/7/365. We can also make your AISRs multilingual so they can sell to visitors worldwide!

We create proposals and contracts in almost any language your clients speak. Furthermore, we can present these documents and help you negotiate the best and most profitable deals with them.

Our experienced HR team can headhunt and find you the best sales professionals in the world. We create job descriptions, post job ads and manage several job site accounts worldwide, analyze candidates’ resumes, interview them and test them, and finally negotiate contracts with them to sell for you. Your sales agents will only work on a commission basis, so you won’t have to pay them unless they bring business.

Your company doesn’t have a dedicated sales manager to work closely with your sales team or agents. Your company doesn’t have a sales manager who can speak the languages of your agents? We can help! Talk to us to add this fantastic service and have an experienced sales director motivate the team and manage their activities for you.

We manage the onboarding of your new independent sales contractors for you. We collect their data and their e-signed contracts, manage your DocuSign or other similar application, make sure to educate them about your company and the job expectations, and answer all their questions for you so you.

We manage the process of adding your sales independent contractors to or other reputable partners. That way, you don’t have to worry about 1099s, IRS regulations, or other legal matters. If you’re running a business that needs everyone to be insured, we can also help you with that.

Help your team build stronger momentum and dominate the market.