Digital Transformation IDigital Transformation IISales & BD ISales & BD IIeLearning IeLearning II
Deal size (Year)12K to 36K36K to 60K24K to 60K60K to 145K30K to 75K75K to 400K
Website creation?
Multilingual Landing Pagesx
CRM consultation
CRM implementation
Project management toolsx
Lead generation
Email campaigns
Lead tracking and analysis
Online reputation managementx
Social mediax
Multilingual social mediaxx
Payment gatewaysxx
Accounting automationxx
Video marketingxx
Multilingual SEOxx
Engagement Level analysisxx
Sales actionsxx
Appointment schedulingxx
Job creationxx
Job postingxx
Agents recruitingxx
Agents contractsxx
Sales trainingxxx
Team buildingxxx
Basic eLearning for Salesxxx
Multilingual sales libraryxxx
Business contract libraryxxx
Domain strategiesxxx
Paid adsxx
Advanced CRM customizationxx
Deal negotiationxxx
Deal closingxxx
Account managementxxx
Multilingual support for clients' clientsxxx
CMO On Demandxxx
Copyright filingxxx
Investor relationsxxx
International PRxxx