Ignite program


Each week consists of a combination of live interactive sessions, pre-recorded video lessons, hands-on exercises, and assessments. The program also includes access to a dedicated online learning platform with additional resources, discussion forums, and instructor support.

Please note that the timeframes mentioned above are approximate and subject to adjustments based on the program’s specific requirements and participant progress.

Month I
Week 1

Introduction to Sales Development (2 hours)
– Understanding the role of a Sales Development Representative (SDR)
– Key responsibilities and objectives of an SDR
– Sales development process and pipeline management

Week 2

Prospecting and Lead Generation (4 hours)
– Target market identification and segmentation
– Effective prospecting techniques and strategies
– Utilizing tools and technology for lead generation

Week 3

Cold Calling and Email Outreach (4 hours)
– Develop effective cold calling scripts
– Best practices for email outreach and response management
– Overcoming objections and building rapport with prospects

Week 4

Social Selling and LinkedIn Prospecting (3 hours)
– Leveraging social media platforms for prospecting and relationship building
– Optimizing LinkedIn profiles and utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator
– Engaging with prospects through content and networking

Month II
Week 5

Qualification and Discovery (4 hours)
– Effective questioning techniques to identify prospect needs
– Active listening and understanding buyer motivations
– Qualifying prospects based on fit and potential

Week 6

Value Proposition and Solution Selling (4 hours)
– Crafting compelling value propositions for different buyer personas
– Communicating product or service benefits and unique selling points
– Presenting solutions that align with prospect needs and pain points

Week 7

Sales Presentations and Demonstrations (4 hours)
– Creating impactful sales presentations and demos
– Engaging prospects through storytelling and visual aids
– Addressing objections and gaining commitment from prospects

Week 8

Negotiation and Closing Techniques (3 hours)
– Understanding the negotiation process and strategies
– Effective closing techniques to secure deals
– Handling objections and objections resolution

Month III
Week 9

Account Management and Customer Success (3 hours)
– Building strong customer relationships and fostering loyalty
– Maximizing upselling and cross-selling opportunities
– Effective customer onboarding and success management

Week 10

Sales Metrics and Performance Management (2 hours)
– Key performance indicators (KPIs) for sales development
– Tracking and analyzing sales metrics to drive performance
– Sales performance coaching and feedback

Week 11

Sales Technology and Tools (2 hours)
– Introduction to sales automation tools and CRM systems
– Leveraging technology for efficient prospecting and pipeline management
– Integrating sales tools for enhanced productivity

Week 12

Final Project and Capstone (5 hours)
– Applying learned concepts and skills in a real-world scenario
– Presenting a comprehensive sales development plan
– Peer review and feedback