Case Study

Genovie MD: Innovative Beauty Brand


Genovie MD is an innovative health and beauty brand based in Los Angeles, CA, focused on transdermal vitamin patches and CBD skincare products. However, the brand was struggling to increase its online presence and sales despite its unique offerings. Genovie MD approached Mokhtar Group for assistance in boosting its digital presence and growing its customer base.


The challenges faced by Genovie MD were as follows:

  1. Lack of online visibility: Genovie MD had a limited online presence, which was restricting its ability to reach new customers and generate sales.

  2. Inadequate marketing strategies: The brand needed to create effective marketing strategies that would showcase its unique offerings and engage its target audience.

  3. Difficulty in managing online shops: Genovie MD struggled to manage its online shops on Amazon and Etsy, which was causing a decline in sales.

  4. Inefficient HR services: The company lacked the resources to manage its HR operations, which was affecting employee satisfaction and retention.


Mokhtar Group provided the following solutions to help Genovie MD overcome its challenges:

  1. Web business strategies: Mokhtar Group helped Genovie MD in developing an effective web business strategy to improve its online presence and visibility. The team performed a thorough analysis of the brand’s website and made necessary recommendations for improvement.

  2. CRM implementation: Mokhtar Group helped Genovie MD implement a CRM system to manage its customer relationships and streamline its sales processes. The system helped the brand keep track of customer information, purchase history, and communication preferences.

  3. Amazon and Etsy shop management: Mokhtar Group helped Genovie MD in managing its online shops on Amazon and Etsy, which led to a significant increase in sales. The team optimized product listings, created effective advertising campaigns, and provided regular maintenance and support.

  4. HR services: Mokhtar Group provided Genovie MD with HR services, including employee benefits administration, compliance management, and performance management. The team also conducted regular training sessions for employees to improve their skills and job satisfaction.


With the help of Mokhtar Group, Genovie MD was able to achieve the following results:

  1. Increased online visibility: The brand’s website saw a significant increase in traffic and engagement, leading to a boost in sales.

  2. Improved marketing strategies: The brand was able to create effective marketing strategies that highlighted its unique offerings and engaged its target audience.

  3. Increased sales: The optimization of online shops on Amazon and Etsy led to a 40% increase in sales.

  4. Efficient HR operations: The brand’s HR operations were streamlined, leading to improved employee satisfaction and retention.


Mokhtar Group helped Genovie MD overcome its challenges by providing web business strategies, CRM implementation, online shop management, HR services, and more. The collaboration led to a significant increase in sales, improved HR operations, and increased brand visibility. Genovie MD was able to establish itself as a reputable brand in the health and beauty industry, thanks to Mokhtar Group’s expertise and support.