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Are you ready to help your employees, partners, or clients’ professional skills to new heights? Look no further! With over 30 certifications in leading industry platforms, our training programs deliver unrivaled expertise and quality that will empower you to achieve greatness.

Why work with us

Expertise in Leading Platforms:
Our extensive range of certifications in Google Ads, HubSpot, Salesforce, Microsoft, Adobe, eLearning tools, WordPress, and more ensures that you receive the most up-to-date training in the industry. Gain the skills and knowledge that matter most in today’s competitive business landscape.

Proven Track Record:
With over 17 years of experience, we have been the go-to training provider for CEOs, employees, and sales agents across diverse industries. Our success stories speak for themselves, and our clients have consistently witnessed tangible results and improved performance.

Multilingual Advantage:
Communication is key, and we understand the importance of catering to a global audience. Our team of trainers is proficient in multiple languages, ensuring a seamless learning experience for individuals and organizations worldwide.

Diverse Team of Experts:
Our trainers are highly skilled professionals and bring unique perspectives to the table. With backgrounds ranging from education to industrial design, our team combines expertise and creativity to deliver training programs that go beyond the ordinary.

Customized Learning Pathways:
Our personalized training programs are designed to cater specifically to your organization’s needs. We take the time to understand your unique goals, challenges, and industry requirements, crafting a tailored learning experience that addresses your team’s specific skill gaps and accelerates their professional growth.

Flexibility and Convenience:
We recognize the demanding schedules of managers and their teams. Our training solutions are designed to be flexible and convenient, offering options for both Real-Time and On-Demand eLearning training delivery. We work closely with you to create a training plan that seamlessly integrates with your workflow, ensuring minimal disruption while maximizing learning outcomes.

Measurable Results and ROI:
We believe in delivering tangible results. Our training programs are built on a foundation of practical application and real-world scenarios, allowing your team to immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills. By investing in our training solutions, you can expect to see a measurable return on investment (ROI) through improved employee performance, increased productivity, and enhanced business outcomes.

Certificate of Achievement:
Your team’s hard work and dedication deserve recognition. Upon completion of our training programs, each learner will receive a prestigious certificate of achievement. 

Transformative Training Solutions

At Mokhtar Group, we believe in delivering unparalleled value and quality in every training program we offer. Join our community to help your team unleash its potential, and witness everyone's professional growth soar to new heights.



We cover most industries

No matter your industry, our comprehensive training programs in sales development, sales management, CRM systems, digital marketing, elearning creation, elearning management, project management, and web design are tailored to address the specific needs and challenges you face. Contact us today to discuss how our training solutions can help you achieve your goals and drive success in your industry.

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Featured Trainers


17 years of training experience

CEO and founder of Mokhtar Group Inc., SkillSet Academy, and former consultant for top 100 companies in the US as well as government organizations. Mr. Mokhtar is a Silicon valley insider, author, and speaks 6 languages.

Dr. Jianhong

15 years of training experience

Dr. Jianhong is a leader and former CEO of companies based in the US and China. He is also a highly successful sales recruiter.


eLearning and Technology Trainer

Bilingual (English/German) Corporate Trainer and E-Learning Specialist with 10+ years of professional experience, a strong background in industrial psychology.

Experience the transformative power of personalized training tailored to the needs of your organization. Partner with us today and equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to drive exceptional results and stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape.