Francisco Goncalves Borrega

Head of LATAM Operations

Francisco Goncalves Borrega stands out as a seasoned senior executive with an impressive tenure of over three decades in management, predominantly spread across LATAM, the USA, and Europe. In the vast landscape of business, he has carved a niche for himself, mastering the intricacies of strategy, negotiation, and business modeling while becoming a luminary in international business dynamics.

His analytical prowess is not just theoretical; it has been the catalyst behind tangible results throughout his career. Francisco has an innate ability to refine organizational processes, boost operational efficiency, and magnify the performance of both top and bottom lines of a business. Predominantly immersed in the B2B sector, his leadership has been unwavering. Over 15 years of his journey has been at the pinnacle of management, with roles that included the stature of a CEO and Director.

Not just limited to operational excellence, Francisco's competencies extend well beyond. With over 25 years in the realms of senior and general management, he has been at the forefront of both domestic and international operations. His strategic vision for new business development has been paired seamlessly with his dexterity in P&L management. A significant part of his success lies in his capability to harmoniously align business strategies with the interests of shareholders. He is a champion of change, known for his cultural change leadership, robust team-building strategies, and a firm believer in setting strategic goals with clear accountabilities.

Major account acquisitions and long-term agreements are a testament to his business acumen. Furthermore, his commitment to prioritize customer service has been unwavering, resonating with clients and partners alike.

On the academic front, Francisco's foundation is robust. He holds a Chemical Engineering degree from U.B.A., complemented by an MBA with a keen focus on Economics and an advanced degree in Marketing. His pursuit of knowledge is global, with professional training experiences spanning continents and countries like Brazil, Chile, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, and the USA. Mr. Borrega lives in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and travels to the US every once in a while for business and family purposes.