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Together, we can touch the Moon.

Partner-up and Build

We are creating a new platform to democratize quality filmmaking for creatives and connect them with production agencies, talents, potential producers and investors worldwide.

We are looking for potential business partners in the film and entertainment industry to join us as directors and international partners. No financial investment is necessary at this stage. The platform also has a branded premium name.

If interested, please email your resume/CV and more information about yourself or your company.

If my application is accepted, what will my title be in this project?

If accepted, we will discuss a formal contract, and your responsibilities and title will be discussed during that phase. Upon excellent performance, early-stage partners can also hold founders' titles and earn stocks after one year.

Do I have to make a financial investment in this project?

No, you don't have to invest any money at this stage. If you have the appropriate skills, and experience, and can work with us, your contribution doesn't have to be financial.

I am not in California. Can I still apply?

Yes, we are looking for potential international partners and co-founders to work with us on this project.

I have my own production company. Can I join you?

Yes, both individuals and companies are welcome to apply.

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