Who is my worst lead? The one to avoid even if they’re ready to pay you.

Any company with a bad product, no budget, and a bad culture.

  • A bad product or a bad service is a product or a service that is not competitive enough, doesn’t offer a clear value to the consumer, too expensive compared to similar products in the market, or simply a product with a bad reputation or several bad reviews that can’t be deleted or countered by positive ones.
  • Our minimal monthly fee is around $850. Our average monthly fee is around $4,000. We typically require 6 to 12-month contracts. We prefer not to take lads who can’t afford those fees and can’t make 6 to 12-months commitments, unless they have a great product and are willing to pay reasonable commission fee and/or stocks or other forms of partnership benefits.
  • A bad company culture: companies with managers who don’t seem to care enough about growing their business, companies with deep organizational challenges that they refuse or don’t care enough about fixing them quickly.