Where do I see company’s announcements?

If you’re a sales professional and you want see company’s announcements, new offers, or special deals for your leads, or to ask a quick question to close a deal, please use Slack to talk directly to management team. If you lost access to your Slack account, please inform our sales department immediately by emailing sales@mokhtargroup.com.

We highly suggest you use Slack on both your computer and mobile devices. In order not to miss important notifications and announcements, please make sure your Slack notifications are enabled.

Download Slack for mobile

How Slack notifications work

General Slack help desk

When you’re on Slack, please use

  • a professional photo
  • your real name

Join a sales meeting to ask any questions and to learn more about our sales process, negotiation, services, and contract creation… These meetings are done through zoom.

The dates and the agendas of these meetings are usually announced on Slack. You can also request a private meeting if you are about to close a deal and need assistance.

So again, it is very important to use Slack properly on your computer and mobile devices. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this.