What’s a ‘Pitch 0’?

A “Pitch 0” is a brief and generic phone pitch. The concept was created by Karim Mokhtar years ago and its efficiency was proven multiple times. The purpose of pitch zero isn’t to sell immediately to the lead but to educate and prepare for the next meeting, in which the goal will be to pitch the exact services that the lead needs.

This is an example:

“Your business can focus on operation and onboarding new clients worldwide while we provide you business leads and records of C-level professionals, owners, and decision-makers in companies who might be interested in either buying from your company or investing in it.

We’ve been in this industry for years and worked with a number of businesses like yours. We’re also certified in multiple sales intelligence and international marketing platforms such.

If you want your company to make it to the next level while saving over $100K a year in sales and marketing and even legal expenses, I am sure we can help. I can schedule a free consultation with one of our experts if you want.

Will you be interested in learning more without committing to anything?

If the lead’s response is ”yes” –> Immediately, and without providing any additional details, schedule a meeting with them.

If the lead asks: “OK, but how do you do it?”

You can reply:

I’ll give you a brief overview before we schedule a more in-depth consultation, we do this by:

  • Using cutting edge sales intelligence technologies such as lead scoring, sales bots, and 99.9% accurate lead generation. If you don’t have a CRM system like Salesforce.com or hubspot.com, or if you have that but your company isn’t using it properly and you’re not very happy with your sales team performance, we can help you implementing this with no additional charges and also train your sales team.
  • Creating ads and content in almost any language you want or any language your future clients use.
  • If you don’t have a sales team or if you want to have more sales professionals selling with you, we can help you hiring a team of fantastic salespeople, anywhere you want, to either book sales meetings for your closers to close deals. Furthermore, we can also complete the cycle and close the deals for you*. The sales agents we work with are all commission based. Our HR specialists will create and post job ads, run recruiting campaigns, interview your candidates, negotiate agreements with them, and onboard and either fully train and manage. You can also co-manage them with us if you want to or have the time to do that.

*To close deals and/or set sales targets, plans must be no lower than $5,000/mo. with a minimum of 3 months commitment from the client.