What to do AFTER the Presentation Meeting?

If the presentation meeting went well (lead asks for a proposal or about the next step)If the presentation meeting didn’t go well or your lead didn’t show up at all
1. Use contract template to create a draft proposal (Please use a copy of the Drive document or copy it and paste it in a different document to edit it. Do NOT edit the original template)

2. Discuss the proposal with the management team before providing any monetary figures to the lead.

3. Present proposal to the lead. Preferably through zoom to discuss details and understand concerns and objections very quickly. Ask your lead to provide feedback and to let you know what they want to edit or tweak. Make sure you communicate the value and show them the savings. Your proposal meeting is crucial. 4.Follow up with your lead 24 to 72 hours after the proposal meeting if you don’t hear back from them. Do not try to pitch, try to nurture the relationship instead by asking them about any concerns or objections they might have. Validate their concerns and offer them solutions (e.g., I think we can give you more leads, I think we can help you improve your website quickly; I got your budget limitations, will you be OK with me talking to my CEO about this and getting back to you tomorrow? etc.…).

5. Negotiate the final deal amount

6. Win / Lose

VERY IMPORTANT Final agreements/proposals must be reviewed and agreed on by Mokhtar Group, Inc. prior to sending them out to potential clients.
1. Email a follow up sequence to educate, nurture, and build stronger rapport with your leads.

2. Call right before or after every email if you think that can help, until:
a) sales meeting is scheduled
b) lead asks to stop calling

3. Discuss strategies with the management team


1. If your lead didn’t show up to a scheduled zoom meeting, call them immediately. If nobody picks up: leave a brief voicemail reminding the lead about the meeting.

2. If your lead still doesn’t show up to the meeting, simply email them again to make sure they’re OK and suggest another time for another meeting.