What do we do after closing a deal?

When we close a new deal, we make sure that:

  • The client is well-aware of the content and terms of the agreement they signed.
  • We review the agreement with them, one more time, over the phone or preferably in a Zoom meeting.
  • We make sure that we have the contract info of the billing department.
  • We make sure that we have the contact info of the single POC we’ll be working with.
  • We make sure not to schedule our first discovery session with the client unless they made the first payment, and we received it.
  • We do not email them the discovery document before we receive their first payment.
  • We do not help them purchase or customize a CRM system before we receive their first payment.
  • If we don’t receive their first payment by the due date stated in the contract, you will follow up with them to make sure they have our payment information.
  • Once we receive their payment; you schedule a first discovery session with them. During this session, we share our discovery document with them, go over it, explain and discuss it with them, and have them answer all the questions and sign it within 24 hours.