The Presentation Meeting (Agenda)

The purpose of the Zoom meeting is to move your deal to the proposal stage. Towards the end of this meeting, you should hear your lead asking you for a proposal or “what is the next step?”

During the meeting, we

  • Present our company
    • Our experience
    • Our certifications
    • Some of the amazing companies we worked with
    • Our presence on prestigious sites such as CrunchBase and others
    • MarketWatch talked about us
    • Startup Pill included us in the top 10 most innovative sales organizations, etc..).
  • Ask the leads if they have any question about us before we move forward with the presentation.
  • Ask your lead about their sales, how they’re doing and what are their biggest challenges
  • Ask your lead how do they currently get their leads? Do they use paid ads? How many leads they get on Google Ads or social media and what is their current CPL (cost per lead)
  • Ask your lead how many salespeople do they have working with them? What is their conversion ratio? Are they satisfied with those figures?
  • Explain to your lead that we can triple their revenue by tripling the number of leads they’re receiving and that we are much cheaper than Google Ads or any social media platform. Explain to them also that all our B2B leads are pre-qualified decision-makers (C-level, business owners, directors, etc..).
  • Ask your lead about how satisfied are they with their websites and online presence in are general and explain to them that we can help improve those areas for free or for very low cost because we make our profit out of the sales commissions mostly and not on the flat fee our clients or partners pay.
  • Explain to your lead that we invest on them. We invest both time and money. We do this because we see the potential of their companies and we know that we can make profit when the sales agents start closing deals.
  • Explain the services and benefits that you feel your lead is interested in the most.  At the end of this meeting, you should hear your lead asking you for a proposal or “what is the next step?”