Script 2: Intro call – After sending intro email (1+ opens, 0 responses)

__ Hi [Lead’s First Name OR Mrs./Mr. Lead’s Last Name] this is [My First & Last Name] with [Mokhtar Group or its division]. I know you’re probably very busy, so I don’t want to take more than a few minutes of your time. My CEO and I sent you an email a few days ago and wasn’t sure if you had the chance to go over it. Do you recall?

__ Hi, I don’t know, what’s this about?

__ OK, no problem. My CEO, [First & Last Name] gave me your contact info and asked me to try to connect with you. He’s familiar with your [company/business/organization] and we want to see if we can collaborate at some point in the future. Do you have any interest in generating new business opportunities here in [Lead’s Country] or internationally?

__ Yes, but what kind of opportunities? / Yes, but what type of collaboration? / Yes, but what are you trying to sell me?

__ I know this is the first time we speak, [Mrs./Mr. Lead’s First Name], so of course I’d love to earn your business, but I am not expecting that to happen before you see the value of what we’re proposing. I’d do the same thing if I were you. All I want today is to have your OK to email you some information about how we can save your business over S100K a year in sales, marketing, and HR expenses. Is this OK with you?

__ Sure, send me more information. (If lead insists to get more details from you, initiate pitch 0 then move back to the rest of this conversation)

__ Thank you. I looked at your website and found this email [email address], is this the one you want me to use?

__ Yes.

__ OK, I’ll be sending you the information shortly. If you see the value, we can then schedule a more in depth zoom meeting. My CEO can join us as well. Just one more thing before you hang up, I wanted to [congratulate you on the article …. / Let you know that I loved that YouTube video about your company / Something about their website / Something about their social media / etc… Something positive and memorable to end the call], great work there! [+ maybe one last question unrelated to the sales call to make the lead talk more about her/his business and connect with you at a more personal level. if that happens, keep the conversation alive and let them know that we would love to invite them to some event or some workshop for their employees the next month or something of that nature. This will open up more possibilities when following up by emails.]