Scheduling the presentation meeting

Ideally, we email our leads the company’s presentation and two time slots for the leads to pick the time that better fits their schedules.

Something like this…

“Hi [Lead’s First Name OR Mrs./Mr. Lead’s Last Name], thanks for taking the time to take my call last [day of the call], please find there an overview of some of our company’s activities. We are interested to schedule a more in-depth meeting with you to go over your business needs in terms of connecting you with potential customers and building you a new sales team in [markets of interest].

Will [day 1 + time 1] or [day 2 + time 2] work for you? If not, let me know what works better.

Also, are you interested in [a design or marketing related service that you think your client needs and we can include in our proposal (e.g., potential investors, website, logo, setting up social media, Google Ads or Analytics accounts, etc.]? We might be able to help with that for free if we start working together by [a deadline].

Your sincerely,

[Your signature]

Once they agree on a time, we send them the Zoom link and passcode immediately.