Email follow-up for CRM leads

PURPOSE OF THE EMAIL: Follow up 3 with some details about CRM and sales services.


I wanted to reach out to you one more time regarding the possibility to work together. As expressed in my previous email, I’ve done my research about your company and I am intending to:

1.Provide your sales team with a good number of high-quality leads (all C-level, founders, and decision-makers) – Please note that this is NOT an email list, but fresh and 100% verified records (full names, phone numbers, emails, titles, companies, etc…), hand-picked, and pre-qualified.

2.Help you get and setup the right CRM for your business if you’re not using one yet)

3.Add these leads to your CRM and nurture them using a series of marketing campaigns and individual follow up emails until they’re ready to do business with you.

4.Coordinate between your sales team and these leads to schedule a phone/in-person sales meetings.

5.Help to implement the right sales process and create a sales library within your CRM.

6.Provide your team with customized training and e-learning modules.

This will save you a considerable amount of time and money and will increase your bottom line almost instantly. Our method is unique, it works 100% of the time for companies who have a clear vision and want to build and automate a solid sales system and grow locally, nationally, or globally. Let me know if you’re interested to learn more and I’ll be more than happy to show you how this works and share some case studies and references.

Thank you,



Business Development Consultant

MALQART | Innovation Meets Growth

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