Email after a good first call where lead asks for proposal

PURPOSE OF THE EMAIL: Immediately follow up after a remote presentation to confirm the general scope of work before sending the first draft of the proposal.


It was great talking to you! To recapitulate our call, you’re looking for the following:

  1. Generate potential partners and sales agents and approach them using a new partnership package – The initial objective in [time frame] is to have 5 main partners on the ground in key cities such as New York and Chicago (I’ll be conducting further research on this if you want me to). Those partners should be able to resell your solutions – Sales commission to be determined based on market penetration and then will increase when sales volume increases.

2. Generate leads in [markets] using [both outbound and inbound tactics and methods] and upload these leads to your CRM system.

3. Create all the necessary sales processes, reports, dashboards, email/calendar/document integrations, and objects within salesforce so that we ensure everything is centralized and that you’ll have full visibility anytime and anywhere

4. Approach all the leads with customized introduction campaigns (based on their specific industries and needs)

5. Nurture and track these leads and keep engaging them through series of strategic follow-ups to optimize our conversion ratio – Schedule sales calls and meetings and coordinate between the leads, the partners/sales agents, and [COMPANY]. Please let me know your thoughts and if I am missing anything. If not, I’ll be sending you a draft proposal shortly.

Thank you,



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