Karim Mokhtar

CEO and Founder

Karim Mokhtar is an esteemed American entrepreneur and author, renowned for his extensive expertise in sales, marketing, and business development, with over two decades of experience and over 20 certifications from major tech platforms. He has penned four insightful books on B2B sales, business strategies, and technology, providing valuable knowledge and innovative approaches to the business community. As the visionary founder and CEO of Mokhtar Group, Karim has excelled in formulating optimal business strategies, fostering global partnerships with tech leaders like Google and Microsoft, and expanding businesses into international markets. From his beginnings in San Francisco’s competitive B2B sales environment to establishing recognized corporate training facilities and leading digital publishing businesses, Karim has demonstrated relentless determination and exceptional sales acumen, tripling companies' revenues and training over 2,000 global professionals. His groundbreaking concepts have been embraced by leading SaaS companies, solidifying his status as a global thought leader and innovator in the field.

Born and raised in Carthage, Tunisia, North Africa, Karim Mokhtar immigrated to the United States over two decades ago, bringing a rich multicultural perspective that has fueled his professional journey and advocacy for equality, personal growth, and continuous learning. Residing in California, Karim, a holder of double degrees in Mathematics and Fine Arts, balances his role as a devoted husband and father of two boys, Amilcar and Cowan, with his passions for music composition, fine arts, astronomy, and martial arts, enriching his life and providing diverse outlets for self-expression. His journey, marked by unwavering passion and dedication, linguistic proficiency, and cross-cultural expertise, continues to inspire and empower individuals and organizations globally, positioning him as a true industry leader and advocate for human rights and equality.