Case Study

Accelerating Expansion for "Académie Internationale des Métiers du Design et de la Mode"

The International Academy of Fashion, a renowned institution in the fashion and design education sector in North Africa, sought to expand its reach and establish strategic partnerships in Europe. Additionally, they aimed to enhance their customer relationship management (CRM) system and provide comprehensive training to their faculty and staff. Mokhtar was engaged to address these challenges and drive the academy’s growth and success.

Understanding the importance of global collaborations in the fashion industry, Mokhtar embarked on a targeted partnership acquisition campaign in Europe. Leveraging their extensive network and industry expertise, Mokhtar identified and engaged with key fashion brands, design organizations, and industry influencers. Through strategic negotiations and relationship-building, Mokhtar successfully secured partnerships that provided valuable opportunities for student internships, guest lectures, and industry exposure in Europe.

Mokhtar recognized the significance of an efficient CRM system in managing customer relationships and streamlining operations. They worked closely with the International Academy of Fashion to enhance their existing CRM platform, customizing it to meet their specific needs. The CRM system was configured to capture and analyze data related to student enrollment, engagement, and alumni management. This enabled the academy to better understand their student base, personalize interactions, and foster long-term relationships with students, alumni, and industry partners.

To empower the academy’s faculty and staff, Mokhtar developed and delivered comprehensive training programs. These programs focused on various aspects, including effective CRM utilization, customer engagement strategies, and industry best practices. Through workshops and personalized coaching sessions, Mokhtar equipped the academy’s team with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles and provide exceptional educational experiences to their students.


Through their expertise in partnership acquisition, CRM enhancement, and comprehensive training, Mokhtar played a pivotal role in driving the growth and success of the International Academy of Fashion. The academy expanded its presence in Europe through strategic partnerships, optimized their CRM operations for improved student management, and empowered their faculty and staff with enhanced skills. Mokhtar’s collaboration with the International Academy of Fashion resulted in a strengthened brand, enriched student experiences, and a promising future for the academy in the global fashion education landscape.